Aspall’s Tribute To A Cider Maker

Glass of Harry Sparrow cider and bottle

With the recent wintery weather here in Blighty it’s difficult to find the motivation to drag yourself out of a cosy, warm house, but a nice pub is one of the few things that can usually lure me out.  Recently we took a snowy walk up the road to Coopers in Guiseley, north Leeds, where I was rewarded with the prospect of a new Aspall’s variety I hadn’t seen before: Harry Sparrow.

Harry’s not the brother of Johnny Depp’s rambling pirate, this cider is named after the man who was Aspall’s head cider maker for 50 years.  Harry, we’re told, was interested in the French mehods of cider making, so this is fittingly a light (4.6%), clear cider with a subtle carbonation.

It’s described on the bottle as full bodied, but I found it to be a gentle flavour – sweeter than the other Aspall’s varieties.  You get a lovely floral apple-y mouthful,  although it doesn’t have much of an after taste.  It’s easy drinking, bright and lively, but the level of sweetness suggests it’s aimed at the mainstream market than the cider fan, and interestingly the bottle you see above has since been rebranded to a more contemporary look:

Harry Sparrow Cider with New Branding

Aspall’s have a long standing cider heritage, and I would certainly nudge any forest fruit ‘cider’ fans in this direction for an introduction  to something made with real apples and not just chemicals.  It would also make a very pleasant ‘session’ cider, but being a bit of a cider snob, I still prefer their Premier Cru cider.

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