Moss Cider: Pony Up For Manchester’s Finest!

Moss Cider Bottle label

Cider from Manchester you say? Manchester, New Hampshire?  Nope – Manchester as in the other side of the Pennines.

This particular cider came to me courtesy of Liz – the girl’s always good with a gift.  And was sourced in her (adopted) home town.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a cider made on one of the most notorious estates in Manchester.  Hard apples?   Apples that have taken a bruising?  Apples that haven’t fallen far from the tree? It does have a little chequered flat cap that indicate it’s northern upbringing, but beyond that I think it stands its ground admirably against southern softie ciders.

Top of Moss Cider bottle with herringbone patterned cap

The Moss Cider project takes donated apples and turns them into small batch ciders, and has plans to develop its own orchard in which to nurture home grown fruit.

Thirsty Pony describes itself as ‘tangy’ and it’s not kidding.  It’s definitely on the sour side, and I found this pale, cloudy cider to be too tart for my tastes to drink on it’s own, but when paired with food it really came into its own.  We had it with a steak and blue cheese salad and it worked perfectly to balance out the rich, creamy cheese, almost like a bitter rather than a cider (but not as heavy).

Moss Cider is only currently available in selective stockists around Manchester, but if you see it it’s definitely worth picking up and supporting Dan Hasler and his vision to turn an old Stagecoach bus depot into a thriving cider hub.


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