Dunkerton’s Black Fox Cider: Style and Substance

Bottlf of black fox cider

Black Fox by Dunkertons is one of my all time favourite labels.  And by that I actually mean the label itself: the quality of the cream label, the contrast against the dark bottle, the brand name’s red typeface, the little fox illustration* – catnip for a design loving cider fan (either that or I’ve gone a bit American Psycho).

What’s inside the bottle isn’t to be sniffed at either.  Though you may think from the stylish label and availability at a major supermarket that it could be a ‘dumbed down’ cider brand, it’s really not.  This cider is all about the apples.  It’s bittersweet with a strong and distinct cider apple taste.  It’s not overly acidic and it pours a beautiful amber colour.   It’s a deceptively light cider – you wouldn’t guess it weighs in at 7%, and it strikes the right balance between having enough fizz to be pleasant, but not so much you feel like you’re drinking a can of pop.

It’s organic, so no pesticides were used on the apples before Mr Dunkerton crushed them into oblivion, which is always a good thing. What’s more, it’s fairly accessible – you can pick it up through Ocado or at Waitrose, so if you usually opt for the Magners or Bulmers and want to try something a bit more ambitious, then Black Fox isn’t a bad place to start.  It would be especially nice to have a with something substantial and autumnal like this sausage, pumpkin and sage casserole.

* NB: I’m less convinced about the folk story on the bottle about the black fox that can’t be caught or seen – perhaps they’re suggesting you can only see it once you’ve drunk a few bottles?
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