Ecusson Cidre Rosé: Who Needs Champagne?

Bottle of Ecusson Cider

This cider is a bit special, as it’s the cider used at my wedding for the toasting of the speeches. As with all things wedding, I was keen not to have to shell out lots of cash unnecessarily. And though I’m partial to a nice glass of prosecco/champagne, I don’t have a particular passion for it, so as soon as I found out that our venue were easy-going about us sourcing our own fizz, I had the idea of using a French cider as an alternative (which also had the added bonus of being significantly cheaper).

Liz , the dedicated bridesmaid that she was (along with my other brave bridesmaid Ruth) reluctantly accepted the taxing job of helping me sample various bottles of French cider to narrow it down to a winner.

Whilst watching Dolly, Lily and Jane working 9 to 5 (highly recommended viewing for cider tasting), we scored the various ‘cidre’ and the Ecusson won on two accounts:

1. The beautiful and unusual blush colour, which is created by crushing some of the red apple skins into the mix. May sound obvious, but this made it taste like a glass full of red delicious which is really unusual

2. The lovely balance of sweetness with a little tartness (so not too sickly) and a delicate fizz

It proved to be a winner with the guests too – lots of people commented on how much they enjoyed it (and didn’t realise they hadn’t been drinking pink fizz), and we certainly didn’t struggle to get through the extra bottles that were left after the toasting….

It’s not the easiest cider to source. I found it and managed to order it via Spirited Wines in Manchester, however it”s also available to order online through Nicolas (though currently out of stock) and Dvine Cellars.

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  1. Katie Says:
    August 31st, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Loved this. And Thatchers Katy a good alternative too

  2. kath Says:
    September 1st, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    Agreed! I predict a bright future for cider in lieu of Champers at weddings…

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