George Dickel – The Other Tennessee Whisky

Bottle of George Dickel Whiskey

I first discovered Dickel’s on the Nashville stint of our road-tripping honeymoon.   We’d taken a day trip out to visit the famous site of Mr Daniel’s whiskey in Lynchburg, and on the winding country roads that took us back into Nashville, we clocked a small sign for George Dickel’s distillery which pointed down a narrow track into some woods .  It piqued our curiosity but it was too late in the day to explore, and we had plans to visit Nashville’s famous Whiskey Kitchen that evening (plus it did cross our mind that it could be a horror film-style plot to lure unsuspecting tourists to their death).

Later that evening we were inhaling copious amounts of bourbon glazed wings and other delights in the Whiskey Kitchen and decided to explore their ‘flights’ of bourbon and whisky.  Lo and behold, we were poured a taster of George Dickel’s black label (no.8).  It was far and away our favourite whisky of the night, beating off competition from much higher priced offerings, including some small batch and single barrel whiskies.  Dickel’s is smooth, sweet and mellow, with a hint of smokiness and makes for a beautiful sipping whisky.  Make sure you have it at room temperature, and with a small drop of water to take the alcohol edge off so you can actually taste the whisky.

You can source George Dickel in the UK from The Whiskey Exchange – our favourites are the No. 8 and the No.12 (pictured above), but they also stock the rye, sour mash and the barrel select varieties.

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