Hallets Cider: Tall, Dark, Handsome & Welsh

Hallets Cider

When I was over visiting Liz in Manchester a few weeks ago, she introduced me to a Northern Quarter bar called Kosmonaut.  It’s a cool, understated little spot, but more importantly it does an interesting range of brews and drinks.

When I asked what ciders they had in, the barman initially tried to steer me in the direction of the pink, berry flavoured, alcopop style conconctions that try to pass themsleves off as cider.  I was then more specific about wanting actual cider, that comes from actual apples (I think my passionate insistance on this scared him slightly), at which point he brought forth Hallets cider.   I was pretty impressed –  it’s one I haven’t tried before, and it’s made in South Wales which also spiked my curiousity.

It comes in a tall, dark, elegant bottle, which is simply designed and I like their classic monochrome label, although the downside of the tinted bottle is that doesn’t allow you to see the colour of the cider.  I prefer to drink cider from the bottle as it stays chilled longer (and adding ice is a philistine act), but for the purposes of reviewing, I poured a small amount out to have a look at.   It is quite a bright, golden yellow (Liz’s other half described it as ‘lager coloured’), and it’s super bubbly, especially when you first open it.  I found it to be tart, crisp, and at the dry end of the medium-dry scale.  It’s quite a rich flavour, which combined with the bubbliness is quite striking, but curiously it trails off into a bit of a nothingness aftertaste.   Rather like the Sterephonics after their first two albums (sorry, had to try to wrangle a Welsh comparison in there somewhere).

I’d definitely try it again (perhaps with a burger next time), and if you’re ever in Kosmonaut, make sure you steer the barman towards this and not the sugary faux ‘fruit’ stuff.


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