Have Cider Will Travel: Stowford Press in a Can

Can of Stowford Press Cider

The holy grail; a decent cider that comes in a can! Many a Glastonbury have I mourned the fact that none of my favourite brands offer their cidery goodness in can format (as glass isn’t allowed into the festival site), but in 2013 Westons came through like a champion and transitioned their ‘Stowford Press’ variety into can form.

Previously I’d tended to experience Stowford Press on draught in pubs, and occasionally in bottled format, until I stumbled across a 4-pack in a supermarket.  It’s canned variety doesn’t quite match the freshness as the draught, but it is still vastly superior to the other canned ciders out there (and I recommend decanting to minimise any ‘tinny’ taste).

It has a true, crisp appley flavour  and it’s a touch dry and with more of an edge than some of the sweeter and simpler big name ciders.   In the festival spirit I shared some cans with my fellow campers (Katie and Katy) and, though they are somewhat fairweather cider drinkers, they did give a big thumbs up and commented on the superiority of Stowford Press to the other well known brand we had brought.

Sadly this year we are ticketless for Glastonbury having not succeeded in the annual scrum, but we shall be pilgrimmaging down to Somerset anyway and watching the coverage from an amazing house we’ve rented for the weekend (soon to be featured).  Though there’ll be no restrictions on cider packaging, I’ll still be taking a four pack of Stowford to invoke the true festival spirit!  Cheers!

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