Laying Down The Cider House Rules


You may have noticed that cider has rocketed in popularity in the last 10 years or so. When I was first initiated to the world of pub going, Strongbow and Woodpecker were usually the only ciders on offer, and if you disclosed that you were a cider drinker, people tended to think you were either an aspiring Wurzel, or had bit of a problem with White Lightening (bless its paint-stripping heart).

As with real ale, the surge in cider drinking has been positive for cider fans, such as myself, resulting in more variety and more success for small independent cider makers.

On the less positive side however the increase in the range of cider on offer also means an increase in the range of more dubious cider offerings some of it only having ever had a passing acquaintance (probably of the long distance pen-pal sort) with actual apples  .

Proper cider (that’s ‘hard cider’ for you Yankees) is lovely stuff, whether it be the glorious, lightly sparkling nectar from Brittany and Normandy, or the home-grown artisan scrumpy from the orchards of the West Country. The big commercial beer brands have muscled in on the action with Bulmers, Magners, Stella ‘Cidre’, and now Carling all clamouring for room on the bar. They’re orange, fizzy, and not unpleasant to drink occasionally over ice , but though they play up their ‘heritage’, they’re not cider as I know and love it. Even further removed are the various fruit ciders that are basically just alcopops in disguise.

I’ve therefore made it my mission to introduce people to the world of proper cider, and lovely places to drink it. Though it doesn’t have a lot to do with interior design, cider is a permanent feature in my house, and that’s enough of a (tenuous) link for Liz to let me evangelise about its merits on Hello Walls.

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  1. Lucy Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    This is a gorgeous graphic too! I’m a little ambivalent about cider, but if anything would convince me, that lovely apple design will! 🙂

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