M&S Breton Cider: The Sweet Taste Of France

Bottle and glass of marks and spencer Breton cider

Ooh la la!  Everyone likes a bit of French fizz in their life, but this is fizz of the apple variety; a light sparkling Breton cider courtesy of British stalwarts,  Marks and Spencer.

It’s not a typical cider – it clocks in at a mere 2%, so only very lightly fermented giving a sweet, gentle taste with a delicate sparkle.  It has a lovely honey colour and the taste is of a slightly alcoholic fruit juice, so it goes down very easily indeed (but with minimal hangover the next day!).

As an introduction to French cider, there are better examples out there (and it wouldn’t win over any fans in the beardy, scrumpy loving fraternity), but it’s no alchopop either, and sure to please anyone at a gathering that wants to take it easy on the booze.

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