Revelling It Up With Orchard Pig Cider

Bottle of Orchard Pig Reveller ciderI’d seen Orchard Pig in supermarkets and had been meaning to try it for a while, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the medium variety (Reveller) in A Nation of Shopkeepers bar in Leeds. Kudos to the NoS folk – always pleased to see bars backing real independent ciders and not just the big brands.

The bottle is quite stylised, and probably aimed at the hipper end of the cider-drinking crowd, although I was drinking it before going to watch The Eagles at the Leeds Arena, so what do I know?  Somerset-based Orchard Pig has more to it than its marketing image suggests though, and has been going for a few years having started out as homebrew and then as a small batch pure apple cider.

With the lighter, sweeter Reveller cider it’s obviously moving into more mainstream waters, but that’s not to say it’s dumbed down its offering  – the medium ‘Reveller’ is only 4.5% so it’s obviously a lighter ‘session’ cider (if you can have such a thing), and though it’s on the sweeter end of the spectrum, it’s still full of fruit and has a real fruity aroma.  It’s a filtered cider, and has a clear, golden colour with a nice even fizz (not overpowering like some), and enough body to give it a decently long aftertaste not a ‘fizz and gone’ experience like some of the trendy bottled ciders.

I’d definitely order it again on an evening out, and would recommend it to non-cider drinking friends as a sidestep into the world of cider, but I’m also very interested to try the more complex Truffler (dry sparkling) cider, as I expect it might have even more to offer cider fans.

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