Salt Bar: Scandinavia comes to Macclesfield


Salt Bar is a Scandinavian restaurant in the old Market town of Macclesfield. It was recently featured on a BBC2 Documentry, ‘Restaurant Man’, which followed owner Debbie Quinn’s  journey as she set up the bar in 2013. Debbie’s love for Scandinavia inspired the whole affair and as I have a similar affinity with these Northern European countries I just had to pay a visit.

The menu is small but surprisingly varied, yes there are meatballs – served four different ways (and boy they looked good) but there is plenty more to choose from. I opted for the Carraway fläskfile med Plommon (Caraway Pork Fillet with roasted plums, served with potato terrine) and my partner Paul chose the Tilliliha (Traditional Finnish Beef and Dill Stew, pickled vegetables, and mash). We polished them off with a bottle of Åbro a  malty beer with a refreshing citrus aftertaste,  brewed in the Småland region of Sweden.


The decor continues the Scandi theme, simple stripped timber tables and chairs, industrial steel lighting and pale blue wooden panelling –  reminiscent of the coastal cabins that scatter Stokholm’s famous archipelagos. A mismatched mirrored wall and token jumper wearing elk add character and warmth to the otherwise super modern interior.


Thankfully the prices are where the Scandinavian theme stops, for two courses and a  beer the bill came in under £45.

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