Savanna: South Africans Do Cider

Savannah Cider

You don’t tend to see many South African ciders in England (or anywhere other than South Africa I assume), so Savanna is a bit of a rarity.

I came across it in Tesco several years ago and was struck by the simple, unassuming bottle and striking label evoking the African bush which is a change from the Somerset countryside.  As ciders go, it seemed rather exotic, and I was curious as to its unusual providence.  Influencing my decision to buy was the fact that it was on offer at the time (Yorkshire thriftiness showing through), so I gave it a try and it’s been one of my staples ever since.

It’s a light (4.5%), easy drinking cider with a bright lemony colour. Though it’s maybe a touch on the sharper side than some, I like the fact that it’s not overly sweet. I’m not sure if you can still buy it in it’s original, 330ml size; following the trend these days it only seems to be available in it’s chunky 500ml guise (tricky to wrangle for those with small hands).

Encouragingly it’s widely on offer now – in most supermarkets and even some pubs, so not too hard to track down and recommended even for the fair-weather cider drinker.

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