Thatchers Katy – A Story of 3 Kats and a Liz

Bottle of Thatcher's Katy cider

At our recent Glasto weekend shindig in Somerset, it seemed only proper to drink a Somerset cider (when in Rome, etc.).  In our group we had a Kath, a Katy and a Katie (plus a Liz), so Thatchers Katy was the obviously appropriate choice.  Plus I reckoned that if I got Liz to drink enough of it she’d probably answer to Kath/Katy too…

Katy is perhaps percieved as a bit girly to win fans among  the hardcore beardy cider afficinados, but it’s a great choice for non-regular cider drinkers.  It’s easy, light and approachable (deceptive, given it weighs in at 7.4% – eep!), with a delicate fizz and a sweet fragrant apple taste.  However, unlike the ‘fruit’ so called ciders that try to appeal to non-cider fans, it has a real authenticity and character that comes from being a single variety cider, and from cider makers with their own orchards that have been making cider in Somerset for over 100 years (so they know their stuff).

In fact, on our way back from our Glasto weekend house, we made a detour to the Thatchers farm shop, and then stopped off for a brief wander through the orchards (via the evocatively titled Strawberry Line footpath) where we came across the very Katy apple trees from which I’d been enjoying the bounty of all weekend.  I thanked them for their efforts, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for many a fine crop to come.


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