The burger mission continues…


So guess what? I’ve been eating burgers again (the diet starts next week). This time my mission, as promised, took me to Get Baked Presents: The Joint (the new restaurant arm of the Meanwood takeaway Mr Nice Guys I reviewed in my last post). Upon arriving at the unique converted church the restaurant calls home (Woodhouse Lane in the Hyde Park area of Leeds), the huge gothic window illuminated by a Baz Lurhmann-esque neon Get Baked logo (Romeo & Juliet fans will know what I mean – churches, neon lights, symbolism blah blah blah), I knew I’d found the holy grail.

Get Baked Presents: The Joint

Excited at this experimental juxtaposition, the Mr and I ran in with breath that was bated. We were met with a cool, contemporary space complimented by a seriously relaxed vibe. High ceilings, mismatch furniture, a collage explosion of 90s cultural icons on the walls (the Mr particularly loved a Ren and Stimpy print he spotted – I drew the line at getting a replica for our house, man room or no man room) and a Leeds-worthy bar finished with huge chandeliers and a colourful wall of must have spirits, oh and a red telephone box thrown in for good measure, gave the place that on trend eclectic feel. With Nirvana’s MTV unplugged playing on the big screens and RUN-DMC playing on the sound system, it felt nostalgic and almost youth club like; comforting, a place where you could just ‘hang’ (do people still say that?!). The owner’s vivid imagination was evident throughout and this new hotspot was quite clearly a labour of love.

The menu was a simple list of tantalising burgers, fries and fried chicken treats. Much to the Mr’s dismay (and indeed my own when the juicy meatiness of the signature Heisenburger was calling), I opted for a vegetarian burger; the Diplodocus – halloumi sticks, garlic butter, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickle and guacamole. Yum. Predictably, the Mr had to point out the error of my ways (he couldn’t begin to fathom my non-meat choice) by ordering the legendary aforementioned Heisenburger. My food envy was so great I had the obligatory annoying girlfriend bite or two of his grub, just to check it was ok of course. And as expected, the blue cheese and candied bacon combo did not disappoint. But back to my ‘burger’. As I bit into the humongous Diplodocus, the hot halloumi burst from its deep fried casing, oozing into the garlic butter and creamy guacamole, resulting in a divine (we were in a church after all) symphony of salted garlicky loveliness in my mouth. The crisp shredded iceberg, juicy tomatoes and sour pickles added a sharp contrast of both texture and flavour to the fondue like gooeyness of the cheese. I was in heaven.

And to the fries. What can I say about a dish named Pigzipper?! Naturally I was expecting bacon and oh boy did I get bacon. This overload of twice-fried skin-on beauties were smothered in a sweet, salty, tangy baconnaise and the best bit, sprinkled with hot, sizzling bacon bits straight from the grill. Utterly moreish.

Get Baked Presents- The Joint

The usual temptation to keep eating past the point of full was even greater than normal but with a bit of a struggle, I finished the main event. After falling into a near food coma, I wouldn’t usually have opted for a pud at that point plus, I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth. However, the Happy Birthday Mr President sundae looked far too delish to turn down and surprisingly, it turned out to be the star of the show. I felt a childish giddiness as the pretty pink sundae arrived (I half expected a Care Bear to jump out to be quite honest) and I delved into the light, fluffy sweetness of the cloud-like cream topping, loaded with the perfect pastel brights of that sundae staple – sprinkles. The added novelty of vanilla sponge birthday cake peeking out in places and the fresh strawberry ice cream may sound like sugar overkill, but it was perfectly balanced and stayed on the right side of sickly. So like Alice, I fell head first down the rabbit hole and didn’t look back. And although I ordered the Mr a spoon, alas, he like the rabbit was too late.

So, if you’re looking for a cool place to enjoy belly busting portions of delicious diner-style food, I’d highly recommend Get Baked Presents: The Joint. Needless to say, I’ll be back to worship again soon.

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