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Ocho Blanco tequila

Most people associate tequila with salt, lime, shot glasses and wincing, but when I was in Melbourne in 2012 we got into a conversation with an enthusiastic barman in a Mexican restaurant called Mamasita who introduced me to another side of the spirit.

He was an enthusiastic advocate for good quality tequila, and his bar was impressively stocked without a regular bottle of Jose in sight. He actually supplied free tasters of the tequila in the pursuit of converting us ( it always pays to sit at a bar on an early midweek night with a bored barman). I had to admit – it was nothing like the burning lighter fluid I’d had before. This was sipping tequila of the highest quality, and it turns out it can be rather pleasant in its unadorned state.

We were also educated on the various types; from Blanco, the lightest, through Reposato (‘rested’) to Anejo (‘aged’) which is the richest and served in snifter glasses.  Strict reprimands were given for for drinking anything other than 100% agave, and it was interesting to learn that (like whisky) you can get Lowland and Highland tequilas – the former tend to be more herbaceous and the latter sweeter and more floral.

the bar at Mamasita

studying the tequila menu at Mamasita

When I returned home I checked out the trusty Whiskey Exchange website. They didn’t have any of the particular types we tried but I chose this reasonably priced bottle, which I admit was based partly on the write up, and partly on the rather lovely minimalist modern bottle design which towers elegantly above the golden bourbons and rums on our drinks cabinet.

Ocho Blanco is incredibly smooth, bright and clear with a nice citrusy kick and just enough sweetness to take the edge of if sipped neat. We shall be having some with these Mexican tacos this weekend. If you fancy giving it a try you can buy it here.

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