Waitrose Herefordshire Cider: A Supermarket Gem


‘Vanilla notes’?! Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that us cider drinkers have come over all Jilly Goulden of late with sophisticated tasting notes being emblazened across the front of bottles.

Waitrose have produced an interesting cider though – and a still one to boot which is uncommon for an own brand. It was sourced for me by my other half, who on a trip to collect some John Lewis shoes in store, gave me a call to see if we needed any groceries picking up. Getting no answer, he played it safe by purchasing two bottles of cider and some crisps (you know, the essentials).

Waitrose have for a while been (in my mind) the most interesting supermarket in terms of their own brand cider offering, and this Herefordshire vintage definitely warrants a tasting. For a still cider it’s very light and it goes down easily, rather belying it’s 7% strength. That said, it’s not a simple cider by any means; though the tasting notes are a bit pretentious they nod to the fact that there’s something interesting going on. It’s crisp and appley on first sip but then deepens and becomes warmer and (dare I say it) vanilla-y. It’s probably not one for real novice cider drinkers though (my husband wasn’t a fan), but it’s a nice progression for those who are a bit nervous of still ciders and equate them with syrupy scrumpys.

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