Wyld Wood: A Weston’s Classic

bottle of Wyld Wood cider

I first came across Wyld Wood cider in its previous (less-embarrassing-to-ask-for-at-a-bar) name of Westons Organic.

It has since become one of my favourite ciders, and though I’m a tad disappointed they felt they had to re-brand to keep up with the Bulmers set, they didn’t mess around too much with the stuff inside the bottle, so it’s still up there in my estimation

It’s a rich, golden cider, with a taste that I would almost describe as ‘hoppy’ were I a beer taster – by which I mean that it’s quite a layered, deep flavour. But it still has a lovely fizz – it’s not in the scrumpy league, so it doesn’t sit heavily.  However it is 7.2% so you’d be advised to take it steady, given that they only sell it in 500ml bottles (I’d love it if more ciders were sold at 330ml, but I guess it saves on trips to the bar / fridge…)

It’s very well balanced – not too dry or sweet, but has a lot more flavour and depth than most of the supermarket offerings, so it’s well worth seeking out. However for a complete cider virgin, it might not be a great one to start on – one for the more experienced palette.

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