Art Purchase – Marco Crivello’s Wild Landscapes

Painting - Morning mist by Marco Criv

One of the frustrating things about rented flat living is having to limit what you hang on the walls for fear of upsetting your landlord by accidentally taking hunks out of the plasterwork. When we bought  our own place, I was thrilled to finally have free rein to ram nails into the wall to my heart’s content. Rent deposit? What rent deposit!

Well,  I didn’t actually drive nails into the wall at random (I don’t think it would be advisable unless you were going for the ‘unhinged artist’ look) but I did have visions of going out and finally being able to buy proper artwork to hang in our home.

Sadly, proper artwork comes with a ‘proper’ price tag, and it’s a cruel irony that when you finally reach the stage where you have your very own walls to do with what you will, you tend to realise that solicitors/surveyors have run away with any additional funds you might have had to support your artistic vision.

As the months ticked by there always seemed to be something more important on the list for us to spend money on – it turns out that a fridge, a working oven and seating are quite essential. So our walls were still bare a full two years after we’d moved in.

Living room with landscape picture by Marco Crivello

Finally this year, we were able to splurge on a couple of pieces, and I bought this limited edition print ‘Morning Mist’ by Marco Crivello   He paints with oils and gold leaf on wood panel which creates beautiful depth of colour. My dad reckons I’ve inherited my mum’s taste for ‘depressing landscapes’ but I love the dark, dramatic hills flecked with gold and mist clinging to the valleys.  His abstract style, with an absence of manmade structures, almost makes me think of earth in prehistoric  times.

His new series is called ‘Atlantic light’ and if I were to ever win the lottery I think I’d buy the whole set.  Here’s one of my favourites:


Though we would have loved an original (a bit out of our price range at the moment), the prints come on beautiful quality paper and look amazing when float mounted (ie. framed so you can see the raw edges of the paper).   You can see more of his work on his website and make enquiries about purchasing through the Four Square Fine Arts gallery site.

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