Charity shop finds: Furnishing your house for less


After moving from a small flat into our three bed terrace we had a lot of space to fill, but no money to spend on the furnishings needed to fill it. I’ve always been a charity shop fan but never really considered them as a place to buy furniture, but now my priorities have changed from dresses to dressers I’ve discovered a wealth of them that are dedicated to that very thing.

There is a certain amount of luck and patience involved in the pursuit of a bargain but the key is to go in with an open mind, they’re never going to have an exact replica of that coffee table you’ve been dreaming about for months. In fact we’ve found it works out for the best if you don’t go with a particular item in mind either. Last week we snapped up an old fashioned Gentlemans’ wardrobe from our local YMCA, complete with labelled compartments including space for ‘underwear and pyjamas’. It’s perfect for our spare room but we didn’t know we wanted or needed it until we saw it!

Gentlemans Wardrobe

Of course many of these items do require a little TLC, so it’s not quite as easy(?) as assembling an IKEA flat-pack, you often need to spend a little more time nurturing them back to life. Often they just need a good clean but when you’re browsing try and picture how you could improve upon it, sometimes a simple as a lick of paint or a change of handle could transform that cabinet you can buy with your loose change. I intend to document the renewal of my charity shop buys here, which so far includes a sideboard, record cabinet, dresser and the aforementioned wardrobe.

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