Our Favourite: Cushions

Confession: I’m not a fully committed cushion lover. I think may be a cardinal sin in the world of home décor, but I have to be honest here. Though they can look lovely, I cast a sceptical eye on design features that show people with mounds of cushions neatly stacked on their beds. Don’t they just have to throw them on the floor each night before they get into bed? Isn’t it a pain to restack them all each morning? Surely laziness prevails eventually?

I do love a well designed sofa / chair cushion though; so long as it has a practical function, I can justify parting with a decent amount of money to fund a cushion habit. Although I have discovered that if you look carefully, there are some interesting and striking designs at the high street end of the market, as well as some worthwhile treasures on Etsy….


Round up of favourite cushions

1. Lush Designs | Blue bee conjurer cushion  £35.00 (free p&p)  2. Scandinavian Design Center | Nemo cushion cover – turquoise £10 (sale price) + £5 p&p  3. Ikea | Stockholm Cushion, black and white £15 (£9 p&p)  4. Folly Home | Knitted Lambswool Cowboy Cushion  £39.95 (+£4.95 p&p)  5. West Elm | Embroidered Chevron Lattice Cushion Cover – Bergamot £34.00 (+£8 p&p) 6. Etsy | Paddy the Fox Cushion £16.45 (+£2 p&p)

See more on our cushions Pinterest board.

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