Fig and Sparrow: I Challenge You to Resist


I have a problem with the Fig and Sparrow. I  simply can’t stop spending money there. I’m made to pass it everyday on my way into the office, so it would be rude not to pop in to see what new stock they’ve got in. Based on Oldham Street in Manchester it’s fifty percent lifestyle shop and fifty percent café-bar. So even when i’ve innocently nipped in for a quick coffee and a slice of their pecan pie there always something on the shelf that catches my eye. Just like the sweets at the checkout point in supermarkets, it’s almost like they’ve thought about it…

I need to be more grateful though, this shop is my go-to for panic present buys. They’ve also introduced me to some great homeware stores like nkuku and local designers/illustrators such as  Nicola Rowlands and Emma Lonsdale. They don’t have an online shop but if you’re in the area I’d recommend you pay a visit, and I challenge you to come out empty handed. Past purchases for me include this  dog walking cushion  and my charming chai tea set (which i’ve previously raved about).

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