Form and Function: The Ostehøvel Model

On my first trip to Sweden, over 6 years ago now, I made two discoveries –  the Osthyvel and the Smörkniv (cheese slicer and butter knife being the literal translation). Admittedly they don’t sound like the most glamorous or exciting of objects but that is kind of the point. Scandinavians seem to have a knack  of making our lives easier and more beautiful at the same time, right down to the detail of the knife you butter your bread with.

So yes the Osthyvel (or Ostehøvel if we were to give it it’s native Norweigen name) is a good looking tool but it also cuts your cheese thinner than a normal knife ever could.

Here’s my pick of some of the best Scandi objects to brighten up your everyday…



 1. Hang Around kitchen tools £25, 2. Norm beer foamer  £35, 3. RIG TIG Sweep-It Dustpan And Brush £19.95, 4. Normann tea strainer £17, 5. Goat Hair Hedgehog Dusting Brush £6.95, 6. Collective Tools/Cheese Plane £32.00, 7. A pair of Butter Knives of Juniper £2.50, 8. Dustpan & Broom  £19, 9. A week of dish cloths 7-pack £25

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