French Affair Antiques: Gallic Flair in Sheffield

Montage of products from French Affair Antiques

I have a love / hate relationship with antique shopping; I love the idea of it (and the gems that other people seem to uncover), but after a couple of hours of trawling through dusty trinkets I start to lose the will to live.

I’m essentially a lazy antiques buyer, who prefers someone to have done the junk sifting beforehand, and for the shop to not be attempting to break some kind of world record for the most items you can stuff into a room.

I might lose out on a bargain or two with this approach, but I can’t help but feel that the time / frustration saving is worth it.

My favourite shops are those that not only junk-sift on your behalf, but also actively curate the products, and work at presenting a specific style. Typically these shops are much more accessible; literally as well as figuratively. You can browse without being overwhelmed, and if their style chimes with yours, then you’ve found your perfect shop-match.

One such lovely store is in the fair city of Sheffield. It as a bustling antiques quarter, and even an antiques trail, but French Affair Antiques is a stand out. It sells simple French furniture and decorative items such as baskets, linens and glassware.  All wares are tastefully selected and well presented, both in their shop and online (which means I can check out new purchases without having to nip down the M1).

On our last visit we bought this little armchair for our study, reupholstered in a heather/grey linen:

grey armchair

I also bought a vintage wicker basket for my recipe files:

wicker basket

And this wooden trug, which we repurposed as a magazine holder for our living room:

wooden trug with magazines in

I’m currently coveting the French Shop Steps to help me reach the top shelves in the study, so it probably won’t be long until I drag the long-suffering husband back down for another visit…

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