Future and Found: Bold & Bright Home Stylings


Future and Found is a relatively recent discovery, but you may have spotted their stuff appearing on recent round up posts, and their beautifully shot collection always stand out on our Pinterest boards.

They stock an eye-catching range of household bits, specialising in bold, clean, simple pieces with bolts of colour here and there (these guys love their neon).  They are particularly good for kitchenware, storage and tidy bits, and unusual gift ideas.   Their website has enviable style, and I’m pretty sure that their buying habits are influenced by what will co-ordinate best with their colour palette – you’ll notice a lot of orange and grey.  Hats off to their web design and photography people.

I have replaced some of our old plastic cups with their enamel tumblers.  I’m also very fond of the Donna Wilson knitted badger cushion – it’s on my splurge wish list  (though I suspect that Liz would be tempted to pinch it).

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