Geometric Rugs

I reckon it’s the graphic designer in me but there’s something about a bold pattern that I really cannot resist, the brighter the better. So Scandinavian geometric rugs are right up my street (or down my hallway as it were).

The Britta Sweden ‘Anna’ rug was my choice for the soon to be completed hall, and as it’s made from woven plastic there’s no need to panic when people start traipsing their muddy shoes across it. Practical and beautiful, you can always rely on the Swedes.

There are plenty more Scandinavian statements to choose from though…


1. STOCKHOLM Rug £100 2. Linie Design Mirina Pastel Rug £350.00 3. Pappelina Honey Mustard & Vanilla Runner £62 4. Medium Wally Floor Rug £295 5. ANNA Britta Sweden SEK1220.00 (approx £122)


Geometric Scandinavian rugs

6. SNEKKERSTEN Rug, low pile £55 7. STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven £160 8. JERNVED Rug, high pile, multicolour £110 9. LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile, white/black  £75




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