Hello Sailor! Nautical Bathroom Style On The High Street

Buying your first home is an expensive business.  And by the time you’ve done the essential DIY stuff, there’s not usually much left in the piggy bank for splurging on accessories.

That’s where the high street comes in:  Liz and I are thrifty Yorkshire lasses at heart so we regularly hit up high street stores for home decor stylings.   There are some real finds out there if you stick to clean, simple, classic design, and when Homebase asked us to take a look at their bathroom accessories, we found some bargainous items that happen to look right at home in Liz’s recent blue and white bathroom makeover.

Check out our picks below, or head over to their site to have a gander at the other bathroom accessories in their range.A selection of items from Homebase's bathroom accessory range.

1. Living Extendable Shaving Mirror – Chrome £7.99 2. Nautical Accessories – Dispenser £7.99 3.Ombre Ceramic Tumbler £7.99  4. Fisherman Metal Pendant Light £60  5. Eden Soap Dish £6.99 6. White Decorative Fish £2.99 7. Sesamee 5L Metal Bathroom Bin £10 8. Blue and White Laundry Box £19.99  9. Heart of House 6 Piece Towel Bale Set – Blue and White £29.99 10. Eden Toilet Brush £15.99 11. Mesh Wooden Bath Mat £30

This post was created in collaboration with Homebase

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