In Search Of A Hallway Light

glass pendant light

Taste in light fittings is sadly not something we shared with the previous owners of our house.

The hall light was the most extreme case in point. It was a chandelier with ivy leaf and butterfly detailing, which we inherited as they were emigrating to Oz (sadly I have no pics of the original but it was similar to this).

It was a quality Laura Ashley-esque pendant, but jarred with the simple, traditional feel we were trying to create. And replacing it became an increasing priority, as more and more visitors to our home assumed it was our own newly-purchased style statement (“wow, I love your light, is it new?” “Er, no, we’re getting rid of it.” “what, why? It’s gorgeous.” “um, it’s not that we don’t like it, it just doesn’t really fit with the rustic vintagey style of the other furniture we’ve bought”… “that second hand stuff?” *awkward silence*)

But who knew the search for a hall light would prove so hard? I spent over a month scouring UK websites with not one respectable candidate. Success came as we extended our search to the US and came across a glass bell pendant from Pottery Barn.

The simple design is exactly what we were looking for – something that wouldn’t jar with our Victorian house, but isn’t overly traditional and twee. It’s rather susceptible to dust, but worth the effort as it part of the first impression to visitors, and the first thing you see when you come home every evening. We also managed to sell the butterfly light on Gumtree to a delighted buyer who drove all the way from Chester to Leeds to pick it up, so it too found a an enthusiastic owner and loving home – happy endings all round.

We bundled the bell pendant in with shipping for a rug – to buy alone with tax and shipping currently comes to around £100. Of course, as soon as we bought it I started to see similar classic glass pendants everywhere (sod’s law!). So if you like the style, I’d recommend UK retailer Fritz Fryer which has one of the best selections of classic glass pendants.


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