Mad for Midsummer

This time last year, I was looking forward to my two week trip to Sweden. I’d timed the adventure so it coincided with their annual ‘Midsommar’ celebrations. This festival marks the longest day of the year and it’s a holiday that’s steeped in tradition with plenty of unique customs and rituals. My favourite custom being the eating and drinking.


The 2014 celebrations will be taking place over the weekend of 20 June and I enjoyed myself so much last year that I feel I ought to mark the occasion somehow.  I’m not sure the people of Manchester will be prepared to join me in the Små grodorna (Swedish for ‘The Little Frogs’) dance around the maypole, so I’ve been searching for other ways in which I can recreate some of that Swedish Midsummer madness. Here’s my pick of some of the best Midsummer merchandise, admittedly much of it is food/drink related…


If you want to fully embrace the tradition, then you’ll need to consider the food too.  I suggest checking out Scandinavian Kitchen – a typical Swedish Midsummer lunch consists of pickled herring, new potatoes and dill, chives, sour cream and beer. But most importantly don’t forget the snaps – skål!

1. Sweden maypole £23 (£5 p&p) 2. Sill oilcloth £29 (£5 p&p) 3. Mrs Cabbage Round Tray £44.50 (£4.95 p&p) 4. Bordfolk Girl In Dark Blue £12.00 (£3.95 p&p) 5. Gense Nobel Gold 2 Piece Fish Cutlery Set £119.65 (FREE delivery) 6. Swedish Midsummer Art Print £12 (£6 p&p) 7. Midsummer Birch Tray £29 (£9 p&p) 8. Royal VKB French Decanter Set £19.95 (£3.95 p&p) 9. LSA Serve Cakestand £46.00 (£8.95 p&P) 10. SNAPS MIX £8.25 (in store only) 11. SOS bowl £20 (£5 p&p) 12. Herring Cellulose Dishcloth £3.50 (£2.95 p&p)



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