My Bathroom: Before and after

Liz's bathroom improvements

I’ve never been one to spend hours in the bath, or on the loo for that matter, so after we bought the house I was more than happy to push the renovation of the bathroom way down our priority list. Those dark blue tiles weren’t so bad after all.

I could not have been more wrong though, two weeks in and the roof leaked causing a stream of water to flood down the bathroom walls, leaving us with a large smelly damp patch. But it was the feeble dribbling electric shower that was the final straw, I needed more than a few droplets of water to wake me up in a morning.

Thankfully my fairy godmother (aka my lovely Auntie Catherine) came to the rescue and funded my new bathroom, and as you can see it’s quite a transformation. More pictures and details after the cut…

The style
My vision was ‘modern Victorian’, some of my Pinterest inspiration can be seen here. Truthfully I really wanted ‘original Victorian’ but budget and size meant I had to compromise a little – that free standing bath with claw feet was never going to fit.  However the white Victoriana style metro tiles together with the dado border tiles (seen in all good, trendy drinking establishment toilets nowadays) were very affordable and the grey grout set them off nicely.

New bathroom

The floor was the real stand out piece though, I spent hours deliberating over what floor tiles would work best – mainly because the lovely people at Zazous have so many splendid patterns to choose from. Floor tiling can be an expensive game, especially if you’re looking for something a little different and although originally I had something more substantial than vinyl in mind these have worked out perfectly.

Zazous Floor tiles

The fittings
I really wanted a bath but as the room is so small, 1.6m x 2m, I never thought we’d be able to squeeze one in. But after a bit of research I managed to find a variety of designs, measuring just over 1.5m in length, that would fit perfectly. We opted for an L-shaped square bath, that meant you had just that little bit of extra room in the shower end. Similar products can be found here and here.

Small Bath

The feeble electric shower was then swapped for a mains one, complete with super drench-head, so my morning wake up routine is now far more successful. The original inoffensive toilet and sink remained, we did however treat ourselves to B&Qs finest soft close seat and some new taps. Good as new.

new bathroom

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Comments: 2

  1. holly Says:
    May 27th, 2014 at 3:26 pm


    This looks so lovely! I am just looking at these vinyl tiles, did you find them easy to lay? I love this pattern, its out of stock now though. Gorgeous!


  2. liz Says:
    May 27th, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Thanks Holly!

    They’re self-adhesive so pretty easy, although it is a little fiddly to get the pattern to match up exactly. We had to put hardboard down first though to make the surface more even. Such a shame they’re not in stock – hopefully they’ll get them back in soon. I ordered so many samples from them I just couldn’t decide on a pattern!


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