My Orange Ercol

My orange ercol

(ignore the floral paper – we’ve yet to decorate this room)

We went shopping for a coffee table and came back with a new chair. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I’m not usually one for impulse buys, even if there is a jacket in the sale for a tenner I like to go away and think about it – perhaps spend the equivalent in coffee and cake and then go back to buy it.

Vintage furniture markets have a strange effect on me though, maybe it’s the added pressure of knowing that often there’s only one of them available and I don’t have the option to sleep on it or order it online later.  In this particular instance though I knew I had to have this chair, it was perfect for our dining room, somewhere comfy to sit and listen to records. It was also reasonably priced – a rarity at a vintage fair. I’ve featured the sellers from Your Vintage Life before, their site is well worth a visit.

I’m sure you recognise the design, it’s an Ercol chair complete with the original fabric, featured in the ad below (an advert it seems which is still effective, as I really want the matching stool now too!)

Ercol chair

Ercol are British furniture manufacturers established in 1920 and famed for their innovative, affordable and long-lasting designs.  Their bentwood frame and the arched wooden back has become something of a signature, and is a timeless classic that’s still going strong today (take a look at the originals section on the Ercol site). Good design stands the test of time and this piece certainly has. Now the real test – whether it can survive another 50 years in my company…


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