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Kath stripping wall paper

When we moved into our first home (about 2 years ago), Ste and I were newcomers to the world of painting and decorating.  We were lucky in the fact that there was no immediate need to get a paint brush out – no flock wall paper or neon colours, but after a couple of days we were already itching to put our own mark on the place, especially having suffered 8 years of magnolia rented flat living.

Tragically, my limited exposure to DIY meant that my impressions of decorating were subliminally transmitted via rom com movie montages and Crown/Dulux ads; the happy young couple painting their first home, the woman in cute dungarees, dabbing paint playfully on each others’ noses.  ‘What larks!’  I thought, ‘this painting business is both romantic and fun!’.  The reality was somewhat different – if after several hours of filing /sanding / rollering covered in dust and dirt, Ste had daubed paint on my face I would have probably lamped him rather than interpret it as a romantic gesture.

Still, slapping paint on a wall isn’t rocket science, and you can do a very good job as an amateur, but it pays to do a bit of research, take care in deciding on paint colours and invest time on preparation of the room, otherwise your investment in expensive paint and materials can go to waste.

Over the next few weeks Liz and I are going to attempt to combine our pooled knowledge about painting, and some of the tips and useful resources we’ve found, in an attempt to help other amateurs like ourselves who might be embarking upon their own first home painting adventures.

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