Objects of Use: Utilitarian Chic In Oxford

montage of products from objects of use

Have you ever found one of those shops where you walk in and decide within about 60 seconds that you basically want to buy 80% of the shop and just ship it back to your house? Well, for me, Objects of Use is one of those shops. In fact, I could probably just move into their beautiful little shop in Oxford and live there fairly happily.

It stocks traditional household items made of natural materials. There is real beauty in the simplicity of the design of these objects, and displayed collectively they really create an impact and make you want to reach for your purse….

Luckily for your bank account, there’s a great range price-wise; from the higher end cast iron cookware, to the cleaning and stationery bits and pieces that you can pick up for a few pounds or less.

If you’re not local, you can also shop the full range of products on their (equally stylish) website.

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