Our Favourite: Alarm Clocks

Getting up in the morning isn’t pleasant at the best of times, but in winter months it can seem especially torturous when it’s dark and cold outside (for Northern hemisphere dwellers).

A stylish alarm clock by no means guarantees a better waking up experience, but you might be less inclined to want to throw it across the room if it looks pretty on your nightstand.  Here are some of our favourites, you’ll find more over here on our Pinterest board  (and if you want something to put it on take a look back at Our Favourite Bedside Tables)

1. Liberty | Newgate Clocks Red Covent Garden Metal Alarm Clock, £16.95 (£5.95 delivery/in store)  2. The White Company | Small Karlsson Alarm Clock £35 (in store / £4.95 p&p)  3. Naken | Minimal Alarm Clock, £36 (£3.95 p&p)  4. Etsy| Soviet Desk Clock, £23.40 (£8 p&p) 5. Clas Ohlson | Alarm Clock, £9.99 (in store) 6. Amazon | Handmade Classic Beech Wood Alarm Clock | £14.99 (free p&p)  7. Housing Units | NeXtime Flipped Alarm Clock,  £27

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