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I think it’s fair to say me and Kath are pretty excited about the upcoming festival season, and our musical adventures begin next month as we’re both heading to Glastonbury! For myself and my partner Paul it’s the very first time we’ve managed to secure tickets, so we’re going all out and treating it as though it’s our summer holiday. Which, in my mind, means I’m allowed to treat myself to a few choice holiday accessories. In fact most of these picks are staple UK summer items, festival or not. This, of course, means I can buy more as they’ll be used time and time again.

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If mud and music just aint your thing then read about our alternative #fauxglasto adventures last year…




Left to right, top to bottom

1. ASOS GONE Biker Wellies £25, 2. Enamel Mug  £7.95,  3. Yellow Welly Sock £12.95, 4. Striped Neckerchief £14, 5. Fjallraven Kanken £65, 6. Storm Lantern £29.00, 7. Event stool £42, 8. No drought, dry shampoo £3.95, 9. Picnic blanket £15




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