Our Favourite: Home Telephones

I have the misfortune of being an EE customer in an area where EE signal is a bit ropey and in an old house with thick stone walls which seem to weaken it even further.

Whenever I try to make a call from home I have to loiter by the windows, which must make me look pretty odd to the neighbours, especially when I run from one window to another as the signal starts to fail. I recently reached the very peak of my frustration when I was on the phone to the bank, had just navigated through the nine circles of hell (aka the automated telephone system), and after 20 minutes I finally reached a human being, and the signal chose that point to drop. Gaargh!

Suffice to say, I think a re-instatement of the house phone is needed to restore my sanity, and it turns out that there’s a fantastic selection of stylishly retro ones available. In fact, my parents keep reminding me that their red rotary dial phone would be very much in vogue now had they kept it instead of switching it out for a modern one in the early 90’s due to my protestations that it was preventing me from being able to participate in Going Live! phone-ins (not that I ever did get to speak to Chesney Hawkes…)


1. Wild & Wolf 746 1960’s Corded Telephone, £49.95 (collect in store / £3 p&p)  2.  Etsy, GPO 162 1930s Art Deco Bakelite Pyramid Telephone, £150 (£7.99 p&p)  3. Amazon, Emerald Green Classic 1970s Style Trim Phone  £34.95 (free p&p) 4. Amazon, Swissvoice Epure Full Eco Cordless Single DECT £ 49 (free p&p)  5. Retro style phone five by viva designs  £85 (£10 p&p)  6.  Etsy, Genie – 1980s Retro BT Telephone in Antique White £40 (£4.99 p&p) 7. IWOOT GPO Audrey retro push-button telephone £34.99 (free p&p)

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