Our Favourite iPhone Covers & Cases

I’m a slow mover when it comes to technology. For a long time I resisted the touchscreen and insisted on a mobile with buttons. Eventually all that was left were what the pitying phone shop staff referred to as  ‘builders’ phones’  and so I was forced into getting an iPhone 4.  After a bit of initial adjustment (and swearing-y finger jabbing at the screen) I never looked back.

We had a happy 2 years together until it started to crash more and more frequently and I realised I had to upgrade to a 5. Even after I bought the 5 I clung onto the 4 for a while longer as it rallied in the death throes, but eventually I made the transition (and given the dimensions of the 6 I’m determined to make it last and last so I never have to upgrade).

That might be a tad optimistic, but it’s life will certainly be extended if I get it some added protection from my clumsiness.  I’ve already dropped it a several times and the clutter at the bottom of my handbag is a scratch disaster waiting to happen…

Luckily there are so many fantastic covers and cases around at the moment that I’m spoiled for choice.


1. Cognac leather iPhone Case £34.73 (£3.96 p&p) 2.That January Feeling iPhone & iPod Case $35  ($10 p&p) 3. Sparkle Stripe iPhone & iPod Case $35 ($10 p&p)  4. Blank Jolie Tech Case £38 (in store) 5. Cross Stitch iPhone 4 case £8.99 (free p&p) 6. Leather Smartphone Case Swallow and Leaf £33.56 (£2.44 p&p) 7.  Art Deco iPhone Case Navy £13.44 (£4.59 p&p) 8. Cat Monster iPhone Cover £15 (£1.75 p&p)

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