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My first attempt at this post opened with the line ‘I have a huge weakness for jugs’, but I could imagine Ste sniggering as a typed that out. It is very true though: jugs are my kryptonite. Rustic, earthenware ones in particular I find difficult to resist, or beautifully crafted, simple ceramic pieces. There’s something about the jug that really exhibits the craft of the maker, and they can add colour or texture not just to your table, but also to your home if you put them on display

Of course Ste doesn’t feel quite the same way and has an unfortunate tendency to inject rationality into the purchasing process. ‘What are you going to use that one for?’, ‘err…milk?’ ‘Don’t we already have, like, three milk jugs’ ‘well this one’s a bit smaller, perhaps it would be the cream jug, plus one of those three jugs you mentioned is actually a custard jug’ ‘We never make custard’ ‘We might one day…’

In an ideal world all of these would adorn my kitchen shelves :

Round up of different images of jugs

1. The Oak Room | Handpainted Bohemian Sunshine Jug £8.99 (+£3.95 p&p)  2. Toast | Eve Milk Jug £18 (in store / £4.95 p&p)  3. Scandinavian Design Center | Amanda Milk Jug – White-aqua £16 (+£5 p&p)  4. Scandinavian Design Center | Höganäs jug 0,5 l – apple red £27 (+£5 p&p)  5. Rachel Barker Ceramics | Madras Small Jug £18.95 (+£1.33 p&p)  6. Rime | Jansen + Co My Milk Jug – Grey £16.50 (+£4.95 p&p)  7. Scandinavian Design Center | POP jug – turquoise-orange – Sagaform | £18 (+£5 p&p)  8. Michael Taylor Speckled Blue Glaze Medium Jug 50cl £25 (+£5.95 p&p)  9. Habitat | Marne Greys Stoneware Medium grey jug  £10 (+4.95 p&p/in store)

See many more of our favourite jugs and pitchers on our Pinterest board

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