Our Favourite: Record Players

I started buying records when I was at art college in Bradford, I also owned a pair of purple cords. No it wasn’t the 60’s it was the 00’s. I thought I was cool…


My collection is modest, and I don’t imagine it’s worth very much – they’re well loved and not in a mint condition kind of way. However, since moving into our new house they have been a little neglected – shelved alongside the dusty board games in the dining room. They are soon to get a new home though…

Since my office/study has been finished (post to follow soon) i’ve been hankering after a reasonably priced player so I can listen to my music whilst I work. The retro record player must be in vogue as there has never been so much choice, Urban Outfitters’ offering is particularly good. I can’t vouch for the sound quality of all that are featured but if, like me, the waves only needs to fill a small space then it’s perhaps worth considering ones with built in speakers.  My favourites are Crosley The Player Turntable (pictured above) £110 and and Philips OTT2000 Bluetooth Stereo System, £149.99.

More over on Pinterest…



1. UO X Dansette Sterling Standing Record Player £250 (currently on back order), 2. Ricatech RTT95 Record Player Turntable USB £199.90, 3. PROJECT black turntable £200, 4. Steepletone USB Norwich Retro Wooden Record Player £85.58, 5. Philips OTT2000 Bluetooth Stereo System £149.99.

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