Our Favourite: Salt & Pepper Sets

Searching for a new salt and pepper set turned out to be more difficult that I anticipated. I had a few simple criteria:

1. They need to look good. Think about it; they’re one of the few kitchen gadgets that are usually out in view and used every day, so they’re always on show. In my case they also had to not look out of place with my rustic french dining table

2. They need to be grinders (or the pepper does at least)- this sadly rules out some very well designed sets, but culinary taste prevails.

3. They can’t be stupidly expensive (who pays £100 for a single pepper mill?!)

Here are my top picks (with a couple of pretty shaker sets thrown for those of you that can cope with ready ground pepper):

Salt and pepper grinders

1. Etsy | Restoration Salt & Pepper Set £10 (£3p&p or collect in store) 2. Amazon | NORDIC Bottle Grinder Salt and Pepper Set, Small Blues £40 (incl. p&p) 4. Amazon | Cuisinart CPG130DU Electric Seasoning Set  £35 (free p&p)  5. Saltandpepper.com | T&G Black Walnut Salt Mill £34.99 (£2.95 p&p) 6. Etsy | Hornsea Heirloom Salt and Pepper Set £12 (£3.50 p&p) 7. Amazon | Trudeau Mini Duo Salt and Pepper Mill, Black £20 (£3.95 p&p) 8. Etsy | Vintage Blue and White Salt and Pepper Shakers £8 (+£2.60 p&p)

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