Our Favourite: Sink Tidies & Washing Up Aids

In the spirit of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, I’m going to start out small and realistic in my New Year ambitions.  So though I am unlikely to re-paint my kitchen units, put a new floor in and sand and re-varnish my worktops by the end of January (highly unlikely), I might at least be able to tidy up my sink area.

Sink tidies aren’t the sexiest item of kitchenware to shop for. They’re not quite up there with Kitchen Aids and cast iron casserole dishes, and you don’t find many interior decor magazines listing them in their ‘must haves’, but it’s worth shopping around and also taking inspiration from kitchens on Pinterest that use vintage crockery, bowls and glass dispensers to pretty up their sink areas (or cheat and hide everything for the photos).

My current sink tidy is a blue plastic version, which I think was bought from the pound store in student house days, and currently houses grey dish cltoths, a rusting scourer and a sticky fairy liquid bottle.  So it’s long overdue an overhaul, and I’ve just bought a smart new wooden dish rack from the nice folks at Brighton’s Utility to kick my re-vamp off.  Here are some other bits that caught my eye – for more inspiraton have a gander at our Pinterest board.



1. Etsy | Magnetic Dish Cloth Holder £20 (£5.40 p&p)  2. Willow & Stone | Grill & Pot Brushes  £3.25-£4.25 (£5 p&p) 3. Joseph Joseph | Self-draining Dishrack £40  (free p&p)  4. Amazon | Chalk Coloured Washing Up Tidy £17 (free p&p)  5. Ikea | BESTÅENDE Detergent dispenser £4 (in store)  6. Red Candy | Jumbo Cutlery Drainer-Cream £11.25 (£2.95 p&p) 7. Objects of Use | Copper scourers £4.50 (£4.62 p&p)  8.  Hus & Hem | RIG TIG Sink Caddy Holder £9.95 (£3.95 p&p)  9. Jangneus | Black Bird Dish Cloth £2.95 (free p&p)


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