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I’m pretty awful at flower arranging.  My strategy of hacking at the stalks and jamming them in a clear glass vase is probably not the best, but no matter how much time I invested in flower arranging classes, I’d never get near to the skills of someone like Amy Merrick.  Plus if I was going to dedicate my spare time to learning a new skill, there would be a good number of things further up on the list (plumbing, speaking foreign languages, wrestling, etc.).  So my new strategy is to veer away from the simple glass vase and get something more interesting to stick my flowers in.  That way, even if my arrangements are lacking in imagination, at least the vase will be stylish.

Here are a few of my favourites, for more have a look at our Pinterest board.


1. Green Glass Vase £6.99  2. Tribal Collection Round Ball Vase £19.99 (£3.95/ collect in store)  3. Serax Milky Medium Blue Vase £25 (£5.95 p&p)  4. Two-Tone Zinc Vase £30-£35 (collect in store/ £3.95)  5. Metal Small green top copper vase £20 (£4.95 p&p)  6. LSA Flower Table Arrangement Vase £16 (+£3.95 p&p)  7. Ferm Living Hexagon Brass Vase £38 (£4.95 p&p)  8. Stitch Ceramic White porcelain vase £16 (collect in store / £4.95 delivery)

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