Our Favourite: Welcome Mats


“Take your shoes off!”

I always used to get into trouble for trailing my muddy shoes across the hall carpet, so much so we had a strict ‘no wearing shoes inside’ policy at my parents house. Fair enough I hear you say, but when I was even banned from wearing my brand spanking bonafide Kickers I wasn’t happy (terrible childhood right?)

Now it’s my turn to make the rules, all I ask is that guests wipe their feet before they come in – so a door mat is an essential accessory. Here’s our best, most reasonably priced picks (after all you don’t want to be spending an awful lot on something that is essentially designed to become filthy).



1. Coir Doormat – Good Day $29 (apologies this is USA only but it’s my favourite – hopefully it’ll be in UK stores soon),  2. Ovalado Doormat £19.99, 3. Fox Washable Doormat £7.99, 4. Cloudy Browns door mat £15, 5. Margo Selby Phoenix Doormat £20, 6. Morocco Door Mat £10, 7. Pheasant Bird Coir Doormat £17

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