Sourcing Affordable Scandinavian Style Fabrics in the UK

Established in 1924 by Estrid Ericsson Svenskt Tenn is an interior design shop on Strandvägen in Stockholm. And thanks to designers like Josef Frank, who worked there in the 30’s,  it soon became the most fashionable interior store in Sweden.

On a recent trip to Stockholm I ventured in looking for curtain fabrics and was blown away by the place. I wanted to move in.




Frank’s textile collection was a particular highlight  (his modernist values and willingness to embrace both pattern colour may have gone against the tide at the time but 80years on and his designs are still magnificently relevant).

I must admit though for me it was more like a museum trip as I couldn’t afford anything. The fabric costs an average of £100pm2 and although the craftsmanship and history of the designs do go someway to justifying the price tag, it was simply too much for me. Perhaps if my windows were only 1m2 I may have considered the investment…

Anyhow, I guess what i’m saying is if money isn’t an issue then start there. Otherwise if you want to add a little bit if Scandinavian cheer to a room with both colour and pattern then take a look at these cheaper high street alternatives…


1. Kauniste Metsa Green Finnish Fabric (£24.95), 2. Almedahls Pomona Fabric (£21), 3. Spira Jaffa Light Turquoise Swedish Fabric (£39), 4. Almedahls Mustard Körsbärsträdgården Scandinavian Fabric (£29.95), 5. Unikko heavyweight cotton fabric (£39), 6. Siirtolapuutarha tyg £42, 7. Picknick fabric (£18 sale price), 8. Pomerans Light Turquoise (£28.50), 9. EVALOTTA (£5), 10. FÄRGKULLA (£4)


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