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I finally decided to replace my trusty white pound shop teapot the other week. It wasn’t a bad looking teapot; it could even get away with being pegged as a ‘minimalist’ design, but it failed on one of the fundamentals of teapot design – the pour. I replaced it with a For Life ‘Trunk’ teapot in grey, which both complements my new nail varnish, and manages the feat of pouring without dribbling tea all over the table.

The selection below were all on my shortlist. I’ve tried to select those with positive pouring reviews, but even if I can’t promise a non-dribbler, I can guarantee they’ll look rather splendid on your shelf…


1. Heals | Falcon enamel teapot £20 (+£4.95 P&P) 2. Heals | Marimekko hennika teapot blue £67 (+£4.95 P&P) 3. Whittards | Cast Iron Brown Teapot £30 (£3 p&p – free delivery over £35) 4. Habitat | Porcelain teapot £18 (+£4.95 P&P) 5. Scandinavian Design Center | Blossom teapot £32 (+£5.00 P+P), 6. Maxwell & Williams | Cafe Culture Teapot 400ML Verde £12.50 (£4.95 p&p) 7. House of Fraser | Denby Malmo Bloom teapot £48.30 (sale price) + £3.00 P+P 8. Teapigs | Acorn teapot £26 (+£3.50 P&P)

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