The Miraculous Metamorphic Chair

I admit that library steps aren’t on everyone’s priority purchase list when buying your first house (unless your house looks like this). But being 5ft and determined to have floor to ceiling bookshelves, I justified that they were a necessity.

In traversing the breadth and depth of the internet for “library steps”, I stumbled across the revelatory invention of the metamorphic chair. This genius 2-in-1 piece of furniture is both a chair and a mini step ladder. You just flip it over and voila:

metamorphic chair changing from chair to steps

Obviously I had to get myself a set, and I picked this set up for about £80 on eBay.  When it was delivered I had a moment of doubt, wondering if they were an impulse purchase that might embarrassingly gather dust in the corner, but it has turned out to be one of the most used and commented upon pieces of furniture in our house.

You can also find metamorphic chairs on Antiques Atlas as well as the more traditional library steps. In fact, after missing out on a beautiful set on eBay (which really stung as I lost out by forgetting to bid rather than a fair and square bid-off), I’ve been eyeing up this set of traditional foldable steps on Dig Haüshizzle for our study:

antique folding library steps

For those with more of a modern eye,  those clever Italians have been working on some (prototype) designs to bring them into the 21st century.

This is the ‘suppergiù’ chair/ladder by Milan-based designers Studioventotto which changes into steps via a split in the seat:

studioventotto metamorphic chair ladder

And this is the ‘Elda’ chair by Scoope Design with a more traditional mechanism, brought up to date with a white finish and colourful felt ‘hood’

Elda Metamorphic chair


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