The Modern Day Dala Horse

The Dala horse or Dalahäst to give it its native name is a hand painted wooden horse statuette, made in the Dalarna region of Sweden. Originally produced as a children’s toy it has now become somewhat of a national symbol. I bought mine from Stolkholm’s Stadmission (charity shop) when I was over there last year, but they don’t come cheap – even a small second hand one cost me around £30. They are beautiful objects though, and yes they have a tourist price tag but you’re paying for the craftsmanship too.

There is a wealth of Dala horse love out there and it doesn’t stop at the traditional wooden statues. Many artists and designers have created their own modern versions of the icon and here are just a few of the lovely objects you can buy…

Modern day dala horse

1. IKEA DRÖMMAR Baking tray £7.25, 2. Society 6 Dala Horse Wall Clock approx  £18 (£8 shipping from US) 3. Swedish Dala Horse Fabric – from £17.04 GBP per yard (£8.52 p&p), 4. Dala Horse Mug £8.00 (£4.00 p&p), 5. Dala Pillow Cover in Turquoise 16×16 £35.30 (£5.48 p&p), 6. Hello Dala Postcard £1.50 (£1.00 p&p), 7. Dala Horse Handmade Fabric Lampshade by Love Frankie £30 (£4.95 p&p), 8. Dala Horse Baby Blanket £29.21 (£7.30 p&p), 9. Dala Horse Necklace £26.95 (£5.90 p&p), 10. Dala Horse Stamp Set £13.74 (free p&p)

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