Your Vintage Life: Affordable retro furniture at your fingertips

Your Vintage Life

I stumbled across this gem of an online shop,, after attending last years Vintage Home Show at Victoria Baths in Manchester. The Baths were packed full of fabulous retro furniture for sale but this particular stall stood out – not only because of the pieces on display but the prices attached to them. Vintage, retro, whatever the buzzword is has more often than not become an excuse for retailers to double the price of the item in question. But not these guys, their stock has that magical and rare combination of style and affordability. From 1960s kitchenware like these floral Crown Devon storage jars  to larger items such as this 1970s G-plan unit.

The shop, which they describe as ‘an award winning, online retail emporium selling treasures from the 1920s through to the 1980s’, is run by super cool couple Kate and Adam. Their vintage adventure began back in 2008 and Kate has even written a book on the topic ‘Style your modern vintage home’. So check out their shop, they definitely know their stuff.


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