A Gift Idea For Stylish Commuters

I’m a dedicated user of public transport, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not the most glamourous method of travel.

At this time of year buses and trains are rammed with commuters more concerned with wrapping up against the horrible weather and avoiding the bugs of fellow travellers than looking stylish en route.  Perfect hair and make up gets a battering as windows steam up with the collective body heat of soggy, frustrated passengers.

Small luxuries bring a sliver of pleasure to the daily routine, and by treating yourself to something like a lovely hand crafted leather travel pass holder, you can inject your daily commute with a bit of style.

travel pass holder with zigzag design

Liz bought me this cracking specimen from an Etsy seller called Tovi Sorga last Christmas.  Not only has it replaced the standard issue plastic pass cover which was falling apart, but it also makes me feel a cut above the rest on the 97 bus, and I’m sure I’ve clocked a few envious looks from fellow passengers (or they could have just been giving me the side eye for inadvertently pushing in front of them in the queue…).

Torvi Sorga also make a whole range of other leather goods in bold prints and graphics that would make great gfits (I won’t mention the C word yet, but if you’re organised enough, go for it).

iphone case with swallow design

Leather iPhone case – Swallow and Leaf

Tovi corrie earrings

Leather earrings – Minimal Geometry No.2

Geometric design ipad case

 Leather iPad case – chevron design

Leather purse with bird pattern

Leather Purse – Birds & Stripes

skull design keyring

Leather Black Sugar Skull Keychain

woman with brightly coloured clutch bag

Leather Clutch bag – Japanese Phoenix tattoo design

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