Christmas Gift Ideas For Cyclists

I love my bike, I’ve even got the bell to prove it. But a bicycle lover needs accessories, and if they’re anything like me they’ll love anything vaguely related to the sport.

Safety can be stylish and Cyclechic has a fabulous selection of helmets, that would make even those of us who are particularly precious about our hair styles forgive the inevitable ‘helmet-hair’ condition. Practical presents are good but there are plenty of other stylish cycle related gifts out there too. Here’s my pick of the best lycra free gifts for the bike nut in your life…

And whilst we’re on the subject of transport you might want to check out Kath’s gift ideas for stylish commuters…


I love cheese and bicycles

Cheese And Bicycles Side Plate £25


Crane Suzu Bell £10.50, Snowflake Spoke Reflector £5.99, Brick Lane Bikes Cycling Gloves £14.99




Bicycle Yellowstone Fabric Bag £10.50,  Washbag Pedal Power Bicycle £25



Merino Bicycle Bobble Hat £34, Sawako Furuno ladies bike helmet Leopard £84



Bicycle inner tube small feather earrings  £4.50, Glam Bike Chain Necklace £36, Woodcut Bicycle Necklace £12.47



Reflective bow by night in red £14.99, Lflect reflective shoe flap £18



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