So What’s This Song Exchange Thing About?

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Although Hello Walls is primarily aimed at folks, like ourselves, who are in the process of kitting out and decorating their first house, we also like to throw a few other bits and pieces in so we’re not wall to wall home décor (hence my cider ramblings and our scribbles about random outings).

Liz and I are both big music fans. Following our fancy dress years (when we were mostly all about the nursery rhymes), we later cemented our friendship over a joint love of Chesney Hawkes; which our brothers rightly mocked us for (although the mole and floppy hair combo was very endearing).

We later succumbed to the 90’s indie scene, and religiously attended the Leeds Festival every year, wearing ill-advised indie get up (Kath: massive baggy jeans which trailed in the mud / Liz: Madchester bucket hats).

These day we’re less inclined to wear our musical preferences on our T-shirts (with the exception of my vintage Bruce Springsteen collection), but we still like to share new and old music finds, and the Song Exchange is our way of doing this virtually. On alternating Fridays and Sundays one of us picks a song befitting the day (so usually Friday = upbeat / Sundays = mellow), and the other one chooses a song in response and titles the post according to the (sometimes spurious) link. Rather like Radcliffe & Maconie on The Chain. But very short chains of 2 links. 

We hope you enjoy our weekly musical selections and please feel free to make any suggestions in the comments!

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